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Suspension Technologies Ships High Tech Shocks for the Indian Scout

Suspension Technologies Ships High Tech Shocks for the Indian Scout

Suspension Technologies, a Yelvington Company, announced today that they are shipping their Black Hill Series shocks for the Indian Scout and Scout Sixty. Through Suspension Technologies’ advanced testing and manufacturing processes, they deliver a tuned, responsive and comfortable unit delivering serious high performance suspension damping.

The Indian Scout’s shocks from the factory sit at an extreme angle of almost 45-degrees and connect directly to the cast frame. Because of the angle, it is difficult for the stock shock to perform at a high level.

Each one of the Black Hill Series shocks for the Indian Scout and Scout Sixty are manufactured to a strict military standard to deliver the optimum damping for the bike. To ensure consistency, each shock is hand assembled, dyno tested and matched to 2% of dampening force. The preload is adjustable and requires no special tools.

Using his racing connections, Mike Alex, Suspension Technologies’ Shock Specialist, sourced the best American shock components including rods, bushings and seals and applied it to the tried and true racing-oriented performance designs that he had been working on for over the last twenty years.

“Yelvington’s mission-driven engineering operation combined with my knowledge base from running NASCAR and NHRA suspension programs assisted the team in developing the shock program specifically for the motorcycle industry,” explained Alex. “We now balance the valving between the piston and the base valve and this allows the piston to not work as hard and get more dampening out of the base valve and deliver a more plush or comfortable ride.”

Another technique born of racing is the utilization of low pressure nitrogen gas in a monotube shock. This delivers a comfortable ride because it provides a more linear transition from compression to rebound. Conversely, utilizing high gas pressure can become a defacto gas-spring which can be difficult to tune.

High-tech shock oil is also another tuning component utilized by Suspension Technologies. It’s supplied by Spectro Oil and has been designed with specific additives that reduce fading.

The combination of a strong engineering staff with the in-house CAD design and CNC machines allows the firm to deliver the highest quality motorcycle parts and accessories available today.

Each shock utilizes aircraft-quality 6061 T6 billet aluminum components, which are powder coated for long term durability and good looks. Shocks are available in midnight black or show-quality chrome.

The Black Hills Series’ Indian Scout shocks are available from your local dealer or directly from Yelvington.

About Suspension Technologies, a Yelvington Company – Suspension Technologies is a state-of-the-art company involved with cutting edge products for both the trike market as well as the conventional V-twin market. All trike conversions are aerospace designed, CNC precision built and Made in USA.


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