Harley-Davidson® TOURING


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Our NASCAR racing inspired true mono-tube design Harley-Davidson® shocks are built to withstand more punishment and deliver higher dampening ability than the competition. The monotube design allows for superior oil management that improves ride quality and handling performance. And this allows you to stop faster and run through the corners with greater control

The Black Hills Series shock represents state-of-the-art low-pressure gas monotube Harley Touring shock design built with valving matched to your specific Harley-Davidson touring model with the coil over springs also matched to your touring bike.

Base Valve Technology allows for low nitrogen pressure without cavitation which produces a consistent performance for both around town and extended highway rides with Harley touring suspension.

Harley touring rear shocks are powder coated for long-term durability and good looks.


AJ installs a set of Black Hills Series Shocks on a Harley-Davidson bagger. Plan on 10 minutes to do the install and 30 minutes from soup to nuts.


  • Dyno Tested and matched for balance and predictability
  • NASCAR inspired true monotube design
  • Nitrogen charged performance shocks
  • Low friction surface – ultra premium bushings and seals
  • Super slippery oil design in-house
  • Engineered to a standard, not built to a price
  • Effective compression adjustment designed for model
  • Adjust spring pre-load by hand, no special tool needed
  • Two Year Limited Warranty
  • Made in USA!
  • Technical Support
  • Rebuildable


  • Tune your bike to your style, weight, conditions and bike for the finest performance
  • We have your back and support you, and our product.
  • Each shock supports American workers, American riders as well as YOUR American riding culture
  • Re-buildable - you never have to buy another set of shocks again.
  • Delivers improved performance with the rider experiencing improved handling, greater traction, reduced harshness and consistent cornering at elevated speeds
  • Easily absorbs high energy impacts and delivering greater rider comfort

Pricing is for a SET of 2.