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What sets Suspension Technologies apart from the Competition?

#AskMikeAlex - Answer

THE 4 THINGS THAT SET OUR SHOCKS APART FROM THE COMPETITION - Customer service, technology, quality, and warranty are the 4 pillars of our commitment to you.  That is the Suspension Technologies Performance Guarantee.

We ensure that your suspension works for you when you make the purchase and in the future if or when you need support.

The 4 Suspension Technologies Performance Guarantees:  

[1] Customer Service – When you call us with a question, you’ll be talking to one of the owners, engineers or techs.  The Suspension Technologies team can answer your questions and provide you with the answers you need. If you have a question about one of our products, click Contact Us or if you want to know where we will be next, click here

[2] Technology Our NASCAR-inspired true monotube design shocks are built to withstand more punishment and deliver higher dampening ability than the competition. The monotube design allows for superior oil management that improves ride quality and handling performance. This allows riders to stop faster and run through the corners with greater control.

We come from NASCAR, NHRA and road racing where there’s a culture of constant improvement to get a competitive edge.  We live that mindset and continuously look for technology to improve the product. Currently, we have sourced new technically-advanced seals and bushings that increases the barrier protection inside the shock and decrease stiction.

[3] Quality- Our true monotube shocks, with custom valving in both piston and base valve (with the floating piston), offer the greatest level of performance in the industry.  They are born from the racing industry, where high-performance and durability is a necessity.  We use only the highest quality materials and every shock is dyno tested and logged to verify build and performance.  Our shocks are hand assembled and 100% rebuildable.

[4] Warranty – We have an unlimited lifetime warranty on all Suspension Technologies products.  If there’s any problem with the shocks during the first 2 years of ownership, barring accidents or misuse, Suspension Technologies replaces the shocks no-questions-asked. Click here for more warranty information. 

Black Hills Series Shocks are manufactured in Florida with components sourced in the United States.

Click this link to understand more about why the monotube design shock is the preferred shock design for motorcycle applications.

Click the link for more information on the Black Hills Series Shocks

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