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Why does Suspension Technologies utilize true monotube shock design?

#AskMikeAlex - Answer

IT’S ABOUT THE RIDEWe offer true monotube shock design. Our monotube shocks, with custom valving in the piston and base valve, offer the greatest level of performance in the industry. 

Based on NASCAR, NHRA and Road Racing - They are born from the racing industry, where high-performance is a necessity.  Suspension Technologies Black Hills Series shocks are engineered to provide better handling, control, and performance. 

About our true monotube shock design - The monotube body starts with a body cap that seals around a piston rod.  Inside the sealed chamber is the rod and vented piston with custom valving sealed in shock oil.  Below the piston is a base valve, also with our custom valving.  The base valve and piston share the work.  Oil displaced by the rod entering the monotube body that flows past the base valve is returned by a nitrogen-charged floating gas piston.  A lower cap seals the gas chamber and contains the nitrogen fill valve.  This configuration is viewable on our website and similar to the highest quality shocks in the auto and motorcycle industry.  

Low-pressure means greater performance - A unique feature of the Black Hills Series shocks is we use low-pressure nitrogen gas.  This means our seals can move easily rather than grab or bind.  It also means you're not fighting against an air-spring during compression. 

What does all this technology mean to the rider - The end result is a superior ride with greater control and a smile on your face. 

A common refrain - Shocks are an aftermarket purchase usually made after years of discomfort.  It shouldn't have to be this way. 

What customers say - A common response from a customer is: "I wish I'd done this years ago!"  Most people have no idea what they're missing after riding for years on old-technology or leaky shocks.  They tend to fall in love with their bike all over again. 


When on your motorcycle, consider a protective clothing, lid, proper eyewear, and insist your passenger wears protective gear. Note that riding while under the influence of alcohol or drugs increases your chances of a negative outcome.

Ride within the limits of your abilities. Know your motorcycle. Read and understand your owner’s manual from cover to cover. Sign up for training like the Harley-Davidson™ Riding Academy or another riding training class. Protect your privilege to ride by joining the American Motorcyclist Association. Visit for more information.

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